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Knowledge Database
How to Encourage Employee Attendance
4 March 2020

Are you having trouble with temporary employees’ attendance? If so, you’re not alone. Temporary workers do have a higher tendency to call in sick or be “no-call-no-shows.” This can quickly translate into problems for your business.

What is Training Within Industry?
19 November 2019|logistisc

While some in management consider this an archaic program, Training Within Industry (TWI) still has relevance in today’s workplace.  Before we learn how TWI can work today, let’s take a brief look at its history and applications in the past.

Onboarding Temporary Employees – Techniques and Best Practices
27 August 2019

Many companies use temporary employees these days; however, a large portion of these companies fail to onboard temporary employees. It’s understandable, when a temp’s time with the company will be short. However, temporary employees need and deserve the same level of onboarding as full-time employees.

How to Prevent Employee Turnover
10 June 2019|work agency

Employee turnover is normal and to be expected in most companies. While this is a normal part of running a business, high employee turnover rates can cause internal problems such as hurt morale, inhibit productivity and increase company costs in the long run.

What Industries Use Staffing Agencies?
6 February 2019

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and the use of an employment agency can help businesses quickly fill open positions. While this is the case, what types of industries use staffing agencies to fill their open positions?

Recruitment Issues in 2019
3 January 2019

The job market, in the past few years, has increasingly become driven by candidates. What does this mean for employers with job openings ?