6 February 2019

What Industries Use Staffing Agencies?

What Industries Use Staffing Agencies?

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and the use of an employment agency can help businesses quickly fill open positions. While this is the case, what types of industries use staffing agencies to fill their open positions?

Many logistics companies turn to temporary staffing agencies to fill their job vacancies. Staffing agencies may have better insight into supply chain. They’ll also have a broader network and/or database to find the most qualified candidates for staff positions within a company.

With inside knowledge of the industry, a temporary staffing agency can also help improve your company’s brand and image. They can quickly get the word out about why working for your company is better, rather than working for a competitor.

The manufacturing industry continues to experience healthy growth, along with changes in technology with the use of robotics, etc. Along with industry growth, manufacturing also has to deal with the seasonal fluctuations of supply and demand.

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to staffing agencies as a way to deal with the seasonal and market fluctuations. Staffing agencies give a business more flexibility—when the company needs additional workers, a staffing can quickly and efficiently find the best candidates for the job openings.

Horticulture businesses, and the industry as a whole, are facing huge growth in their industry, creating the need to hire employees to help with the increase in demand. Again, this business sector deal with seasonal fluctuations, as well as market ups and downs. In order to find the best candidates, while keeping costs down, horticulture companies often turn to staffing agencies to fill their job openings.

Staffing agencies generally have a large database of candidates who are ready to work. The agency can run a quick search to find candidates with the best qualifications to fit job openings for many jobs in the horticulture business. Not only does this save the company time, but the staffing agency also helps to keep costs low—all while finding the best people to fill the jobs.

The recycling industry is a growing sector, which increasingly needs more people to fill open positions. Many recycling companies are turning to staffing agencies to help fill positions. Recycling work is demanding and can be a dirty job.

A staffing agency can help a recycling company find candidates who are not afraid of getting dirty, yet who also understand the need to follow safety procedures in this demanding industry. A staffing agency can ensure their candidates have what it takes when it comes to recycling jobs. The staffing agency has the best and largest network to find the right people for the job.

A staffing agency has the ability to help companies fill their job openings quickly, without loss of precious time, making the hiring process both cost-efficient and fast. Not only that, but temporary staffing agencies can also help find the best candidates, with the necessary qualifications, to give a business the flexibility it needs to stay competitive in today’s growing and fluctuating markets.