17 January 2019

Build a Successful Recruitment Strategy to Fill Temporary Jobs

Build a Successful Recruitment Strategy to Fill Temporary Jobs

With the current employment market, many companies are finding it difficult to find and hire the best people to fill their temporary positions. The challenge doesn’t end there. The recruitment process is expensive even when it comes to filling temporary positions. Like full-time positions, temp staffing is a long process of advertising, interviews, hiring and onboarding. Current staff must take precious time for the recruiting process, costing the company even more money.

Having a process in place can keep your company organized and prepared for those times you need to hire temporary employees. A focused and organized recruitment strategy will help you find the right people, even in times when it’s difficult to find the right people. Not only will you save on recruiting costs, but you’ll fill open positions more quickly with the right people.

Here are some tips to make your recruitment process more organized and focused:

1) Use a recruitment agency:  a recruitment agency typically has people who are looking for part-time work; they also have access to a broader network of candidates. A staffing agency may also be the perfect choice if you need to hire a large number of temp staff at one time. Using a recruiting agency will save your company time and money–your current staff won’t have to spend precious time on hiring and onboarding, saving your company not only time but money

2) Advertise: getting the word out about your company’s job openings can help attract new hires, even for temporary jobs. Job boards and social media platforms are great places to come in contact with people looking for temporary work. You’ll need to have an established social media presence that reflects your company’s brand, keep content updated and fresh, and engage with others.  The key here is to be consistent and reach out to engage others on the platforms your company chooses to use.

3) Employee referrals: are another method to help you quickly fill open positions. Check with your current employees to see if they can recommend someone who could fill your job opening. Employee referrals reduce the hiring process’ costs and the time needed to find the right candidate.

4) Look locally: when looking to fill a temporary position, it’s a good idea to look locally. Many people need and want flexible work these days. Make use of local job fairs, community events and more to find the best temporary workers in your area.

5) Stay flexible: when it comes to temporary workers, keep in mind that they are looking for temporary work for a reason. Learn what motivates them.  Maybe they have family responsibilities that make a full-time job difficult to impossible. Students may only be able to work certain hours due to university commitments and more. Look for people who need a more flexible schedule, pay, etc. This will need to be done on a person-by-person basis, but you’ll fill the company’s open position(s), while taking on dedicated temporary staff.

6) Hire seniors: many companies miss hiring great temporary workers by not considering seniors. Think of the large number of Baby Boomers out there who are looking for temporary work to supplement their retirement income. These people have years of work experience, are dependable and are happy with flexible, temporary jobs.

Using these tips, your company will be ahead of the game when it comes to finding and hiring the the best people for your company’s temporary jobs.