About us

About us

Contrain was established in 1998; from our start to now, our company’s successfully grown to include more operations and locations. The Contrain Group currently consists of several entities, including two Temporary Work Agencies and a personnel consulting agency. Our group cooperates with over 100 companies from Poland and other EU countries (mainly the Netherlands and Germany). We use our extensive experience in effective HR management and top-quality recruitment and management of employees of various levels to help our clients find the best employees to fill their staffing requirements.

Contrain has multiple resident employees in Germany and the Netherlands, and in 5 branches in Poland. The core of our Company is experienced teams and young specialists who have a fresh outlook on the business. You’ll find our employees are dedicated to assisting you find the right solutions for your staffing needs.

Our company has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland. Read on to learn more about each branch and how each office works for you.

Abroad, our employees perform tasks related to Logistics and Customer and Client Services. In Germany and the Netherlands, we have our Sales Managers, Operational Coordinators, and some of our Project Managers. Operational Coordinators and Project Managers are responsible for our employees staying abroad, whereas Sales Managers are responsible for the development of our business relations with new partners.

In the Łódź branch, we have our Human Resources and Payroll, Operations and Customer Service, Administrative and Recruitment Departments. This is the biggest Polish branch of Contrain.

Poznań is our second largest branch, with our Recruitment, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Administrative, Controlling, Logistics and Sales Departments.

These are our smaller branches with Recruitment Departments.