3 January 2019

Recruitment Issues in 2019

Recruitment Issues in 2019

The job market, in the past few years, has increasingly become driven by candidates. What does this mean for employers with job openings? Rather than having the top pick of candidates to search through, candidates now have the power to pick and choose which companies to work for. As a result, companies have a tougher time filling their positions.

As the hiring challenge for businesses continues into 2019, what are the main recruitment issues? Let’s take a look at a few of the top issues and how to handle them successfully. It’s all about using the candidate-driven market to a company’s advantage.

Hiring Process is Too Long: Streamlining Can Help

Some companies may find it easy to attract employees; however, they may fall flat when it comes to the hiring process. If the hiring process is too long, applicants will simply “disappear,” falling out due to the length of time it takes to get the job.

The hiring process should be transparent and quick, in order to keep candidates engaged in the process. To streamline the process, a business must have a plan, clear job descriptions (that include knowledge, skills and abilities needed), along with straightforward responsibilities for each particular job. Not only that, automating the hiring process can also speed things up and keep them moving.

Automation can include filling out the application online and then moving the candidate directly on to skill assessment tests. Candidates will feel like they’re making progress through the hiring process, and some of the tedious tasks will be automated, streamlining the hiring experience for both the employer and the candidate.

While attracting and hiring employee will continue to be challenging in 2019, companies can improve their employer brand, use targeted recruitment ads and streamline the hiring process. Using these methods can help turn the candidate-driven market to a company’s advantage in the search for top candidates to fill open positions.

Creating & Managing Employer Brand

Social media platforms continue to see growth, with review sites becoming more and more popular. And this has hit employers hard, with the rise of sites that allow candidates to review their employers.

Companies should monitor such sites to learn how their employees feel. Not only can social media be monitored, but it’s a great way to learn more about your company’s employer reputation.

No business wants negative reviews; however, these can be used to improve the company’s working environment, company culture, and improve relations with staff. A negative reputation can be turned around—sure, it takes and time and effort. However, the effort can pay off over time; with the right branding message, a company can attract and keep candidates with the best qualities and skills.

Competition for Top Talent: Targeted Recruitment Ads

Unemployment rates are low and the competition for top talent will continue to be fierce in 2019. With a candidate-driven market, it’s hard to find applicants with the top skills you need. Surveys show the best candidates are already employed; however, they might jump at a tempting job opportunity.

In this type of job market, it’s necessary to reach out to candidates with targeted messages, such as recruitment ads. This is known as recruitment marketing. Targeted recruitment ads help a business position itself in such a way to reach out and attract the attention of the right candidates who have the talents needed to fill open positions.