For employers

For employers
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People We Recruit & Our Certification Process

Employer Services – The right people when & where you need them.

Contrain works to find the best workers, who are engaged and ready to tackle the challenges your company’s facing. We help you find the right workers to fill your jobs – when and where you need them.

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Are you an employer and you are looking for new employees? Take advantage of our services.

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Our Recruitment Process

We take care of the entire recruitment process for you. Our recruiters handle all the interviews with the candidates, so you don’t have to.

After an initial on-the-phone verification of each candidate, we invite them to a meeting and check their skills.

We manage the entire recruitment process, from A to Z, to help you find the best employees. Not only that, you’ll cut out the costs and time it takes for the entire recruitment process. We manage every step of the recruitment process for you.

We Take Care of Our Workers, So You Don’t Have To!


we provide our employees with continuous support from our operational coordinators. This covers each worker’s entire stay in the host country. We also give each worker access to a webservice created just for our employees, which provides basic information for questions they may have.


you don’t have to worry about housing our workers – we take care of that, too. Our employees receive fully furnished accommodations.


we provide transport to the workplace and back. Depending on the distance between the accommodations and the workplace, we provide our employees with bikes or cars.

Our employee care takes the worries and concerns off your shoulders, helping your business to cut costs and save valuable company time.

Work in Contrain

Work in Contrain

Our employees are delegated to seasonal and year-round work. In this way, we take into account both the needs of your company and the availability of our employees. By providing flexible employees, we reduce your labour turnover and employment costs.

A1 system

A1 system

You know what your company needs when it comes to employees. We’ll work with you to determine your unique staffing requirements, and then work to recruit those individuals who are the best fit for your company and the job you need to fill.

The benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster placement
  • Talented employees with the skills you need
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost-effective recruitment and employee management

Our advantages

  • We hire only top employees – we make this our priority to you. Each and every interview of the recruitment process is conducted individually, at your request.
  • We take care of our employees in their country of work, so you don’t have to.
  • Our clients appreciate our excellent price-quality ratio—we provide a cost-effective solution for your staffing needs, while also providing top quality employees.
  • Our company employs highly-skilled office personnel, who are ready to help you at each step.
  • Our employees’ net wages are higher – this encourages employees to stay and form a long-term cooperation, which means you’ll have less labour turnover and employment costs.